Colorado Mountain College Springs Valley Campus


Our accommodations are part hotel, part college dorm. Feel free to book a room, pick a roommate or let us assign you a life long friend of the same gender.

Welcome to college, you alcoholic you. 

When you arrive, you will be provided a dormitory for the weekend. 

If you're coming alone, we will assign you a roommate of the same sex. The two of you will become lifelong friends. 

If you're coming with friends, please write the name of your roommate. They must also be registered with CCYPAA. 

If you would like to eat in the cafeteria, we appreciate you purchasing a meal plan in advance. There will be a total of (?) meals served over the course of the weekend. Would you like to purchase your meals now? 
If you plan to bring your own food or eat in a nearby town, or if you plan to hunt and kill your meals, so be it.


Slots will fill up fast.