We have ourselves a hotel!! This year, we will be holding CCYPAA at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park. Each room can sleep up to 6 people and has 1 queen bed and 2 sets of bunk beds along with a private 3/4 bathroom. The reservation also includes 3 meals a day starting with dinner the night you arrive and ending with lunch on the day you leave.

Please note that when booking through the portal you will have to pay a 35% deposit for the room, you won’t be charged the full amount until your stay until the convention.


Can I book a single bed in a room?

We’re currently working with the hotel on that, this should be an option in the future and we’ll update the site as soon as it is

How much is the room deposit?

Right now, it’s 35% of the total room price, this can change depending on how many people are staying in a room

How many people is it per room?

Up to 6, although it’s important to note that the rooms contain 1 queen bed, and 2 sets of bunk beds. So if you’re going as a group of 6, two people will be sharing a queen bed.

What should I bring?

The weather could be gloriously sunny or it could be snowing. So make sure you’re prepared for both eventualities. It’ll be useful to have a flashlight as well as cold weather gear (think hat/gloves). Also, make sure to bring sunscreen and keep an eye on the weather reports in the days before the convention happens.

I still have questions…

If you still have questions regarding the hotel and would like more information, please reach out to our hotel chair Ryan at ryan.barber989@gmail.com

YMCA Of The Rockies

2515 Tunnel Road, Estes Park, Colorado 80511

Room rates are dependent on how many people share a room

Room rates are dependent on how many people share a room